seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe is a kind of steel strip product with hollow section and no seams.

★    It’s economy and practicability increases with the wall thickness, on the contrary, smaller wall thickness, the processing cost increases substantially;
★    The product technology decided its narrow application fields, seamless pipes are with low machinery precision.
★    Checking and molding has to be done in processed offline. In general, it has shown the superiority in construction steel applications which requires high pressure, high strength, etc.

Classifications of Seamless Steel Pipes:

alloy steel pipes Material Standards Specification
12Cr1MoVG GB5310-1995 ∮8-1240*1-200
12CrMoG GB6479-2000
15CrMoG GB9948-2006
12Cr2Mo<A335P22> DIN17175-79
Cr5Mo<A335P5> ASTM SA335
Cr9Mo<A335P9> ASTM SA213
10Cr9Mo1VNb<A335P91> JISG3467-88
15NiCuMoNb5<WB36> JISG3458-88
Alloy Steel Pipe 12Cr2MoWVTiB
Applications: It is applied for the petroleum, chemical industry, electric power boiler line with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

ASTM A333 low temperature pipe Material Standards Specificaion
16MnDG、10MnDG、09DG GB/T18984-2003 ∮8-1240*1-200
09Mn2VDG、06Ni3MoDG ASTM A333
ASTM A333Grade1  
ASTM A333Grade3  
ASTM A333Grade4  
ASTM A333Grade6  
ASTM A333Grade7  
ASTM A333Grade8  
ASTM A333Grade9  
ASTM A333Grade10  
Low Temperature Steel Pipe ASTM A333Grade11
Applications: Low temperature seamless steel pipe is used in the level - 45 ℃ ~ 195 ℃ low temperature pressure vessel pipe and low temperature heat exchanger pipes.

high pressure boiler pipe Material Standards Specification
20G GB5310-1995 ∮8-1240*1-200
High-pressure Boiler Tube ST45.8-III DIN17175-79
Applications: High-pressure boiler seamless tube is suitable for manufacturing high pressure boiler tube, header and steam pipes etc.

high pressure fertilizer tube Material Standards Specification
10 GB6479-2000 ∮8-1240*1-200
High Pressure Fertilizer Pipes 16Mn
Application: It is applicable to the working temperature(- 40-400 ℃) and working pressure9(10-32 mpa) of chemical equipment and pipeline.

petroleum cracking tube Material Standard Specification
10 GB9948-2006 ∮8-630*1-60
Petroleum Cracking Pipes 20
Application: It is used in the furnace tube, heat exchanger pipes and piping of oil refinery factory.

low-medium pressure boiler tube Material Standard Specification
10# GB3087-2008 ∮8-1240*1-200
Low-medium Pressure Boiler Pipe 16Mn<Q345A.B.C.D.E>
Application: It is proper to manufacture various structural low or medium pressure boiler and locomotive boiler.

fluid pipelines Material Standard Specification
10#、20# GB/T8163-2008 ∮8-1240*1-200
Fluid Pipelines 16Mn<Q345A.B.C.D.E> ASTM A53
Application: It is suitable for transport the fluid like oil, water and natural gas etc.

general structural pipe Material Standard Specification
10#、20#、45#、27SiMn GB/T8162-2008 ∮8-1240*1-200
ASTM A53A,B GB/T17396-1998
General Structural Pipe 16Mn<Q345A,B,C,D,E> ASTM A53
Application: it is applied to general structure such as engineering support and mechanical processing etc.

petroleum casing pipe Material Standard Specification
J55、K55、N80、L80 API SPEC 5CT ∮60.23-508.00
Petroleum Casing Pipe C90、C95、P110 ISO11960 *4.24-16.13

line pipe Material Standard Specification
A、B、X42、X46、X52、X56、X60、X65、X70、X80 API SPEC 5CT ∮32-1240*3-100
Line Pipe L245、L290、L360、L415、L450 GB/T9711.1
Application: Line pipe is widely used in the oil and natural gas industry like oxygen, water and oil transportation pipeline.

spiral steel pipe Material Standard Specification
Spiral Steel Pipe Q235A-B、Q345A-E SY/T5037-2000 219-2820*4-20
Application: It is suitable for low pressure fulid transporation.

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