steel pipe fitting

Pipe fitting is the common name of the parts in piping system that have connection, control, change direction, diversion, seals, support effects.

Various Steel Pipe Fittings for Pipe Connection
various steel pipe fittings

Pipe fitting parts could connect the pipes together to form pipe lines, in most cases, the raw materials are the same as the pipes. Classified by the connection ways, there’re socket fittings, screw fittings, pipe flanges and welded pipe fittings. There are also elbow pipe fittings, flange, tee pipe, stone pipe and pipe reducer. Elbow pipe fitting is used at the corner; flange is used to connect 2 pipes together; tee pipe is used at the point where 3 pipes meet, stone pipe is used at the point that 4 pipes meet; pipe reducer is used to connect 2 pipes with different diameters.
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